Hi! I’m Hattie McCutcheon, CEO & President of Health and Wealth Holistic Wellness Center.  I am a certified holistic practitioner of natural medicine.  We are in the business of helping people build their immune systems; regain energy; weight loss, reverse dis-ease.  To provide energy, assist in weight lossThanks for stopping by.

Health and Wellness is very important to me.  I am deeply concerned about the Health of our world!  I have great compassion for the health of all humanity. After much study and mentorship by some of the greatest Holistic Experts, I understand that all dis-ease is the result of mineral deficiencies.  I lost my mother at 7yrs of age due to a copper deficiency. Losing my mother due to something so simple put me on the path to help prevent this from happening to others. To be deficient in any mineral should not  and does not have to be an option.